Kids Parties – You Provide the Guests, We Provide The FUN!


We take great pride in offering our guests
unique and exciting state-of-the-art rides
and attractions!


The Screamin’ Party Machine is currently available at our Paramus and (soon to open) Nanuet locations!

The Screamin’ Party Machine is our incredible roller coaster simulator, and it’s exclusive to Screamin’ Parties! With four seats and each ride lasting approximately 1 minute, your child and guests will ride this exciting simulator multiple times. And better yet, with the hundreds of tracks we have to choose from, they will not see the same ride twice. We are constantly updating with new tracks, including rides in outerspace and more! The Screamin’ Party Machine is truly a one-of-a-kind attraction. Adults are also welcome to ride and enjoy with the little guys and gals. After all, who doesn’t love roller coasters :)

Our interactive video game floor!

In addition to our exciting inflatables, we also have our Stomp Floor! This interactive video game floor has 13 different games that change every 60 seconds to keep it fun and exciting! Disco game floor, piano keys, monsters and squash the frogs are just a few of the games the children will love.

Our Screamin’ Ball Blasters are always a huge hit with the kids (and adults). Step into our netted cage and the fun begins! It’s your choice, shoot the balls one at a time or rapid fire your opponent! Kids from 2 to 82 love this attraction :)

We will feature more of our incredible rides and attractions in the near future. Please check back with us from time to time, and feel free to call us 877-96-PARTY anytime if you have any questions. As always, you can book your Screamin’ Party online 24 hours a day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!